“Slovenian-inspired tapas is the name of the game at this sleek restaurant.”

The Worlds 50 Best

So you love fine dining but don’t feel like putting on your shiny shoes?

You just can’t wait to be spoiled by innovative food, but don’t want to innovate yourself every time you go out?

Welcome! You found just the perfect place! Even better – you found your soulmates! Great food and great wine taste even better when your in a great mood and surrounded with happy people.

“The most exciting cuisine in Ljubljana and a wonderful place to get to know the variety of Slovenian wines.”


The best part of the meat? All parts! Best kind of vegetables? All kinds!

It’s all about love

Love for food.
Love for the ingredients.
Love for the local producers and their products.
Love for freshness.
And love for everybody that wants to share our passion with us.

Every ingredient has to be produced as close as possible and we really do care about sustainability.

We want you to try many different plates and share them with your friends. Or not.

Either way: “Dober tek!”

“TaBar has a cult following who spill out into its candlelit courtyard.”

New York Times

Jakob Pintar, chef

Every kitchen needs a Jakob we like to say. But luckily the Jakob runs ours. He’s a team player, he’s a leader, he’s a teacher.

Incredible experiences – from Steiereck by Heinz ReitbauerMaze by Gordon Ramsay to L’Atelier by Joel Robuchon – combined with unstoppable curiosity, talent and obsession with details make Jakob Pintar stand out as one of the best chefs in region.

He won numerous awards, but as he likes to say: the best reward is the smile on your face!

Jurij Osole, manager

And of course there is Jurij. The guy, who’s love for food, wine and entertainment made all this happen.
He had a vision, he has passion … ok, let’s make it clear: Jurij is the driving force of TaBar.

The always present owner, who knows how to charm people, how to inspire staff and always,
but always finds the best wine in the region. Because he loves it and he loves you loving his selection.

“Go in with an open mind and order whatever they suggest – and don’t forget to drink some wine there. They have an amazing natural wine list.”

Ana Roš

Drop by and have a glass.
And yes you can choose

You can choose a lot! Do you wonder if we brag about our wine list? Yes we do. Because it’s one of the best in the whole country. And it contains only local natural wines. Crazy wines, wild wines, different wines. Nothing but top notch.

When it comes down to quality we become dead serious. But the staff that will guide you through the wine selection is not. Well, only if you want them to be. Cheers!